Great American Spice Product Guide

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A guide through The Great American Spice's herbs and spices. This is a paper printed graphic booklet showcasing about half of our most popular herbs, spices, and chiles. It does not contain information on our dairy products, blends and seasonings, oils, or sausage and jerky mixes. 

Health Benefits

In this guide you will find a few of the health benefits of herbs and spices. Some of these include information on pain relief, digestion, blood sugar, and fever. There are also more specific traits pertaining to the herbs and spices. 


Of course, an herb and spice guide wouldn't be complete without a quick summary the best usage. Flipping through the guide you may surprise yourself and some of the easy ways you can spice up your favorite dish with an uncommon ingredient.  

The Great American Spice company offers this herb and spice guide for free.

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