Ethiopian Berbere



Ethiopian Berbere contains the unique mix of heat from peppers, ginger, cloves and fenugreek, combined with the sweetness of cinnamon, allspice and cardamom. It is mixed with oil or water and made into a paste before using. The combined flavor of all these spices resembles Indian masala. This Berbere is commonly used in ethnic stews, called wats, or to coat meats before frying. Ethiopian beef, chicken, and lentil stew all call for this unparalleled blend of spice flavors and heat. It is also widely used in making pastes for dipping bread.

Remember when cooking with Ethiopian Berbere, a pinch or two may do you – it is HOT (but GOOD)!


This is a spicy hot blend with a unique flavor. Use in traditional Ethiopian stews and in coatings for foods to be fried. Great rubbed on chicken.


Spices, Paprika, Salt, Citric Acid.
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