Bratwurst for Fresh Sausage

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 If you make your own sausage, why not switch things up and try making your own bratwurst?  Bratwurst for Fresh Sausage from American Spice Company is a great place to start—it’s a traditional German bratwurst flavor to add to your sausage.  You could also try Garden Bratwurst Seasoning or look for a different meat binder, such as Better Meat Binder, as well as a curing salt, like Double Strength Cure Mix.  Finally, enclose the meat in a 32 mm Fresh Sausage Casing.


Grind meat using fine disk and mix well with seasonings,let chill and mellow in the refrigetator 24 hours. Mix meat one more time and stuff. Leave some room for the casings to shrink. Boil, Grill or Fry!


Salt & Spices.
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