W Summer Sausage Seasoning

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Our delicious W Summer Sausage Mix has enough mustard tinged seasoning to create an out of this world w summer sausage. A 1.42 lb package correctly flavors 25 lbs of sirloin to make roll after roll of fabulous summer sausage. It’s no secret that W Summer Sausage Mix goes particularly well with venison.   Keep one or two rolls for yourself and use the others as gifts. A gift basket filled with a gorgeous roll of W Summer Sausage, a glossy wheel of cheese, and a crusty baguette is a gift that’s sure to be remembered. Serve thinly sliced summer sausage with a sharp cheddar and you have an appetizer that’s fit for game time or any fall or winter gathering.


Use 1.42 lbs of seasoning with 25 lbs of meat. Will need to add 1 oz of curing salt (included).


Seasoning: Salt, Dextrose, Corn Syrup, Spices, MSG, Ground Mustard Seeds.
Curing Salt: Salt, Sodium Nitrite (6.25%), FD&C Red #3.
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