Garden Bratwurst Seasoning

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Garden Bratwurst Seasoning is a great seasoning if you’re making a bratwurst for your summer cookouts.  If you’re new to making bratwurst, try adding pre-mixed seasonings rather than your own blend of herbs first.  When you get the feel for making bratwurst and the different flavors that go into bratwurst, you’ll be able to better create your own signature blend of herbs and spices to go into your meat mix.  When making bratwurst, you’ll also need a curing mix, such as Double Strength Cure Mix, as well as a meat binder, such as Better Meat Binder or Dairy Binder, to hold the moisture in your meat. 


Grind meat using fine disk and mix well with seasonings,let chill and mellow in the refrigetator 24 hours. Mix meat one more time and stuff. Leave some room for the casings to shrink. Boil, Grill or Fry!


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