Hidden All-Star Spices you Need to Try!

What do you know about herbs and spices? You know by now that they taste great in a variety of dishes that you love, but do you know other secret advantages that they can provide you with? Do you know that there are many different spices that are considered all-stars that not only add amazing flavor to the food you love, but amazing healing benefits that you’ll cherish.

Cayenne Peppers

Did you know that the heat of a cayenne pepper is actually brought on by capsaicin. It is the substance in a pepper that makes it hot! This substance can actually help to relieve aches and pains and is considered to be highly therapeutic. In fact, next time you’re in the pain relieving cream aisle at your local store, read the ingredients. We wouldn’t be surprised if you saw cayenne pepper as an active ingredient.


There’s no doubt about it, ginger can be intimidating because of its gnarly looks, but this underground stem is a great way to treat upset stomachs like bloating and gas. A dash of ginger can go a long way to helping your sore throat and cold go away, and it can actually aid in arthritis and even motion sickness. Ginger can be used as a spice, but it can also be sliced up and grated to eat like candy or in savory dishes.

We’re not quite finished yet! Stay tuned for our following blog to learn more hidden secrets about spices you never knew before today and buy bulk spices online!

27th Apr 2015

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