Hidden All-Star Spices you Need to Try! Part 2

Spices are something that should be used more often while cooking. If you love cooking with spices and trying new things, then you’ll be excited to learn more about the spices we’re about to tell you about. We guarantee that you’ve heard of these spices, and you may have even used them while cooking, but do you know the wonderful advantages of each? Catch up on our last blog to learn why we consider these specific spices our all-stars. Read more interesting facts about spices below.


Cinnamon has the highest amount of antioxidants than any other spice! It has been used for centuries to treat inflammation, lower blood triglycerides and blood sugar levels, and it has even been used to treat nausea and increase the rate your body burns fat. If you’re looking for ways to include it into your diet, try adding it to your coffee, oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt or in your daily dose of fruit.


Although fennel isn’t a spice you would use every day, it was once a spice used daily by Ancient Greeks. Although fennel is considered a weed in the USA, it is one of the highest calcium resources available. It is also very rich in niacin, which will increase your blood flow, increase your metabolism and keep your digestive tract working properly. Add fennel to salads, soups and fish dishes to make sure you’re taking in the properties of this nutritious spice.

There is just way too much to cover in just two blogs. Stay tuned for our final blog where our spice company will be giving you the last few all-star spices you shouldn't ever live without.

10th May 2015

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