Pretzel Salt



Shake a little Pretzel Salt on freshly baked soft and fluffy pretzels, still warm from the oven, and you’ll sink your teeth into chewy greatness you’ve never experienced.  Dip it in Rothschild's Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip, for an out-of-this-world-delicacy. This white, soft, compressed salt is the perfect finishing touch for breads, baked goods, and more.  Try a little on chocolate-dipped caramels for a sweet and salty decadently delicious treat that is sure to be your favorite! Pickles will pucker up for Pretzel Salt, adding an extra zing to your crunchy snack.  Making bagels instead of pretzels?  Add Bagel Salt, made especially for those globular goodies, to your cart, too!

Common substitutes for pretzel salt include: Bagel Salt, Kosher Salt, Red Diamond Sea Salt, rock salt, and Morton salt substitute.


Use to coat freshly baked pretzels. Can also be used in other baked goods.


Coarse Food Grade Sodium Chloride.
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