Old Fashion Dry Malt Powder

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Have you tried your hand at baking your own buns or crackers yet? If it feels like something’s missing from your recipe, try dry malt powder! While it can also be used in cookies and other baked goods, dry malt powder is perfect for when you want a natural malt taste. It goes well with sesame seed buns! If you know someone who bakes their own bread, a gift certificate and a bottle of dry malt powder would make an original present! If you brew your own beer, dry malt powder will come in handy. It promotes the growth of yeast, which makes an ideal ingredient for baked goods as well as beer brewing.


0.5 to 5% bases on flour. When replacing diastatic syrap,use the same levels and add 4 oz. of water for every pound of dry malt powder. Great for bread,rolls,buns,crackers,sweet doughs,cakes,cookies and all products which require a true natural malt flavor.


Malted Barley Flour, dextrose, wheat flour
Contains: Wheat
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