Hot Indian Curry Powder



Contrary to popular belief, not all curry powder is hot. But this one is! Hot Indian Curry Powder is inspired by South Indian style cooking. It’s a rich and spicy curry, great for grilled steaks, pork chops or chicken. We even love it in soups or with eggs or vegetables for a unique and fabulous taste! Try it in our Curry Egg Salad on Toast for an exotic taste added to an American classic. The combination of red chilescoriander, yellow mustard, fenugreek, turmeric and cayenne pepper make our Hot Indian Curry Powder a must-have for any chef who loves exceptional flavor.


Great on Chicken, or Fish. Use approx 3/4 tsp per pound. Add to soups, eggs or vegetables for great taste!


Spices, Turmeric, Salt, Dried Chiles, Paprika. Contains Mustard.
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