Extra Large Caramel Type Popcorn



Why settle for regular popcorn when you can have large, fluffy popcorn? Amish Country Extra Large Caramel Type Popcorn has fewer flaky hulls than most yellow popcorn and is great buttered or for making caramel corn. For super easy and tasty caramel corn, buy Amish Country Caramel Popcorn Glaze. Simply add to your oil before popping! The combination of that and Extra Large Caramel Type Popcorn makes a sweet snack your family will be begging for over and over again! If you’re looking for popcorn with virtually no hulls, try Gourmet White Hulless Popcorn.Usage:
3 Tablespoons oil, 4 oz. Amish Country Popcorn and Popcorn Popper. Preheat oil in pan for 1 minute, then add popcorn and cover. Agitate popper until popcorn ceases popping.


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