Red Diamond Popcorn



The word “diamond” in its title tells you there’s something special about this popcorn. Red Diamond Popcorn is premium Indiana-grown red popcorn that is well-known for its unique, nutty flavor. Don’t be fooled when it pops and looks like any other popcorn you’ve had. This is no ordinary popcorn. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Red Diamond Popcorn is a popcorn enthusiast’s best friend. It has a distinct and unforgettable flavor that will keep you coming back for more! Try ourGourmet Purple Popcorn for another decadent popcorn experience, and don’t forget one of our many popcorn seasonings for added flavor.


Heat a deep pot, with a lid, until warm. Add cooking oil to cover the bottom of the pot. Heat until smoking hot. Add popcorn and cover, shaking until corn is popped. Remove from pot as soon as popping stops.


Red Popcorn.

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