Cinnamon Sticks 3-4 Inch

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Instead of stirring your favorite teas and ciders with a spoon, why not use a cinnamon stick? Folks in apple and wine country use them for the perfect stirrer and ornamental addition to a hot drink. Our 3-4 inch cinnamon sticks come approximately 6-11 sticks per ounce and are anywhere from 2.75 – 4” in length. Cinnamon sticks also make great additions to festive crafts and are used in the process for treats like pickled watermelon rinds. Be sure to take a look at all our great cinnamon products- we carry more than 20 items where cinnamon is either the main ingredient or the major distinguishing characteristic of the product!


Try in a hot cup of apple cider.


Cinnamon Sticks.
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