Ancho Pepper Whole



Ancho or poblano Peppers are a "must have" for authentic Mexican cooking. Pinch in Ancho Pepper when making red chili and tamales. The Ancho Peppers provide a mild heat and somewhat sweet raisin-like flavor. Although they are considered mildly hot, you may want to test each pepper individually when cooking since each pepper can have a different heat index. The inner veins of the pepper are said to carry the most heat.

Before using, soak them for 30 minutes in hot water.

You can store the peppers by freezing them or placing them in an airtight container for up to one year. Add that extra boost of heat and flavor to homemade barbeque chicken, Texas roadhouse chili, rubbed pork, or salmon. You’ll be glad you did.


For that extra flavor from Mexico.


Dried Ancho Chiles.
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