Sodium Phosphate



Home meat curing and sausage making enthusiasts can now easily access what gourmet delis and butcher shops use to keep the variety of meats and cheeses in their display cases moist and flavorful for longer.  Sodium phosphate is a key ingredient to maintaining moisture and tenderness of their meat products such as bologna.  This useful additive also works well in homemade cheeses. Sodium Phosphate can be applied by marination as well as injection, or tumbling into any muscle meat. It can also be used in dry or slurry form into all meat emulsions, coarse or fine grind. It is very suitable for use in small mixer-grinder sausage operations.  Try it and see the difference it makes in your own culinary creations.  You’ll be glad you did!


Add maximum 0.5% by weight, though the method used depends upon individual needs and preferences. Working with a recipe with specific instructions is recommended.


Sodium Phosphates.
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