Crystallized Ginger Candied



Beside autumn holiday baking and the soda drinks Westerners are familiar with, ginger takes many forms and has many uses around the world. In India and Pakistan, ginger is one of the main ingredients for making lentil, pulse curries, and other vegetable dishes. In Burma, crystallized ginger is shredded and soaked in oil and then combined with nuts and other seeds to make a salad called gyin-thot. Chinese cuisine uses ginger with fish, meat, in herbal teas and as candy. In the Middle East and England ginger is used to spice up hot coffee and tea.

In studies, Ginger has shown to be effective when treating indigestion, motion sickness, and inflammation. It’s generally recognized to be safe by the FDA but can interact with some medicines. Those with gallstones should use with care since ginger can stimulate the production of bile.


For snacking or for adding sweetness to cookies, pies and baked goods.


Ginger, Sugar, and Sulfur Dioxide As A Preservative. Contains Sulfites.
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