The Great American Spice Company Manufacturing Services

At the Great American Spice Company, our product manufacturing services are ideal for wholesale, commercial, and retail food applications. We offer both product manufacturing as well as private label services. By utilizing our in-house blending, milling, processing, and packaging capabilities, we can produce the high quality spices, rubs, blends, and seasoning your customers have come to expect. Our team of experts can work with you to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective manufacturing solution for all of your products.

Save time and money with the Great American Spice Company. Our manufacturing services offer a wide range of production options designed to facilitate the creation and assembly of your products. Our team of flavor specialists can take delivery of your products and ingredients, and produce the highest quality spices, rubs, blends, and seasoning. Our stringent food safety and sanitation guidelines are in compliance with all FDA food manufacturing regulations. This will not only ensure food safety, but the overall quality of your products.

  • High Quality, Fresh Products
  • Stringent Food Safety and Sanitation Regulations 
  • State of the Art Milling, Blending, Processing, and Packaging Facilities
  • Custom Manufactured Spices, Blends, and Seasoning for Commercial and Retail Use
  • Product Development and Design
  • Customized Labels and Packaging for Retail Applications
  • Turnkey Distribution and Fulfillment Services


Ensure the quality and freshness of your products with the Great American Spice Company. To learn more about all of our Manufacturing services, contact us today!