Yucca Root Cut and Sifted

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Yucca root is useful in many ways:  household, culinary, and even medicinal! Because of the natural detergent properties in the yucca root, it can be made into a shampoo or household soap. It can also be used in a variety of medicinal ways, such as a kidney cleanser or a way to relieve arthritis pain. In the kitchen, however, the yucca root is similar to a potato and is often a good substitute for starch. Roast your yucca root in some butter and then add some garlic for a tasty dish to go along with a variety of meats. You can also boil yucca root, like you would a potato, and mash it! You could even add it to homemade vegetable soup! It’s a wonderful, starchy vegetable that has more uses than one might think!


Yucca Root, cut and sifted
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