Whole Brown Flaxseed

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Adding flaxseed to your diet can improve your health by giving you heavy doses of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. These small seeds can be mixed into your bread dough to give your breads crunchy bursts of fiber. If you do not like the crunch, grind up the seeds and mix them in flour, yogurt, or smoothies. The mild, nutty flavor of flaxseed can also be mixed into hot cereals, salad dressings  or stir-fry dishes. Not only will this addition improve nutrition of your food it will improve the flavor of your dishes. Even the pickiest eaters will not notice the addition of flaxseed if it is mixed into their favorite mustard.


Sprinkle over cereal, stir fry & hot grain dishes. Use whole or ground for flour in breads. Can also be used whole or lightly crushed in stir-fry, hot dishes and cereal.


Brown flax seed.
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