White Willow Bark Powder

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White Willow Bark has been used as a pain reliever and fever reducer for centuries. It is also the source for the active ingredient in aspirin. The healing properties of white willow bark powder can be harnessed in your own kitchen. Make a tea using white willow bark powder and boiling water. It produces the same pain relieving properties as aspirin, but in lower doses and without upsetting your stomach. Don’t have a headache? The same tea, when cooled, can be applied to damaged skin. Soak a cloth in the cooled tea and apply it to skin that has been burnt or cut. The liquid will soothe the pain in the affected area and will also speed healing.


To make a tea, soak one teaspoon of powdered bark in a cup of cold water for eight hours. Strain out the bark and drink.


White Willow Bark Powder
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