Wasabi Powder

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If horseradish just isn’t doing it for you, reach for the wasabi! Wasabi is a variety of green horseradish grown only in Japan and is known as Japanese horseradish. Wasabi is often served as a paste with sushi, but Wasabi Powder can be used where ever you want to add some serious spice! It’s hotter than white horseradish and is a delicious addition to seafood and seafood sauces, Asian salads, and prepared vegetables. It’s also a great substitute for Dijon mustard. Don’t fear the kick of wasabi, embrace it! It will give your next dish the unique flavor it needs!


A delicious addition to seafood & seafood sauces, Asian salads and prepared vegetables. Wasabi can also be used as a substitute for Dijon mustard.


Horseradish powder, Mustard powder, Spinach powder, IP Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Wasabi powder, Ascorbic Acid.
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