Tiny Kernel Yellow Popcorn

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Don’t let your belly rumble with hunger any longer. Next time you go to the kitchen cabinets searching for a snack, sizzle a few kernels and climb up on the sofa. Grab a warm fleece blanket and snuggle by the fireplace with a big bowl of light popcorn. You and your lover will enjoy sharing a sweet treat next to the crackle of the fire. And if you can’t compromise on popcorn flavors mix and match ‘em a little sweet chocolate marshmallow for you, and a little jalapeno for him. What better way to spend the evening with your loved one than to get a little silly with popcorn and a lotta cozy next to the fire. 


Place small amount of oil in large covered pan, cover the bottom with popcorn, heat & shake continuous till popped.


Tiny, yellow popcorn
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