Sweet Italian Sausage

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Sweet Italian sausage is a versatile kitchen staple.  Use our sweet Italian sausage seasoning to make your own and never run out.  This garlic infused sweet Italian sausage mix makes a wonderful Sweet Italian sausage that can be paired with pasta.   If you are making traditional spaghetti and meatballs then sweet Italian sausage is a must.  Try it with creamy, alfredo sauce or a spicy Bolognese.  Sweet Italian sausage is a hearty addition to casseroles or a collection of baked veggies such as potatoes or squash.   8 oz of flavorful seasoning is enough to make 25 lbs of sweet Italian sausage. 


Put meat through grinder twice. Add seasonings to meat, mix well. Stuff or bulk meat.


Blend of salt and spices.
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