Sun Dried Tomato Halves

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Sun dried tomato halves are ready to eat straight out of the package and they make tasty additions to salads or sandwiches. Cook them in omelets with other vegetables. Add whole powdered eggs to your cart and you’ll have the ingredients for a camp fire breakfast. Combine with other Italian spices like basilsagerosemary, and marjoram to add a richer flavor to your pasta sauces. Using sun dried tomatoes will give your sauces a richer flavor without having to cook your sauces all day. These same spices can be blended in with garbanzo beans and olive oil to make your own hummus dip.


A perfect, ready-to-use addition to salads, pastas, sandwiches, sauces, dips, omelets and a great healthy snack.


Sun dried tomato, salt.

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