Sun-Dried Tomato Flakes



Our Sun Dried Tomato Flakes are excellent additions to so many meals that it’s just impractical not to have them stocked in your regular pantry.  They add depth and texture to any soup.  They can be rehydrated quickly by blanching in boiling water to bring out their flavor. Soften them for use in salads. 

Create a delicious flatbread by combining Parmesangarlicsweet basil, sun dried tomatoes, dried red pepper, olive oil, and sliced chicken.  It’s sure to be a favorite!


Use in soups, salads, or your favorite recipes. For salad use blanch 30 seconds in boiling water to bring out flavor and soften texture.


Sun-Dried Tomato Flakes (Approx. 3/8 Inch) and Sulfur Dioxide (To Retain Color).
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