Southern Style Pork Sausage Mix

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Once you’ve tried your hand at making sausage, you’ll want to try every type of seasoning available! You’ll need a meat binder and a curing salt on hand, but you may want to change up what sausage casing you use. After your friends and family try your southern style pork sausage, they’ll be begging you to try other kinds! Why not impress them and try maple flavor sausage for breakfasts and a sweet Italian sausage before attempting a new challenge, such as homemade jerky? You could try a new flavor every month and impress everyone!


Grind meats through 3/4" plate. Add mix to meat. Regrind through 5/32" plate. Bulk or stuff into casings. Do not add salt.


Salt, Dextrose, Spices, Sugar, Spice Extractives, Less than 2% Sodium Aluminosilicate to prevent caking.
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