Snack Stick Seasoning

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Why buy prepackaged sticks that have been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long?  Make delicious snack sticks in your own kitchen with our garlic and mustard flavored snack stick seasoning.  Our versatile seasoning can be used with beef or deer.  Perfect for game time or any time you want a quick snack our collection of spices gives snack sticks a whole new kick.  This could be your tasty new tailgate tradition.   Snack sticks are also excellent for gift giving.   This 1.5 lb bag of snack stick seasoning is enough to flavor 25 lbs of meat.   Your friends and family will thank you for this thoughtful gourmet treat.


Grind meat 1/8" from fresh cold meat. Mix meat with seasoning and 1 oz. cure for 3-5 minutes. Add 1.75 lbs. shaved ice or very cold water,mix 2-3 minutes.Regrind 1/8" stuff into 21mm casings. Smoke and heat to 160 degrees internal temperature.


Salt,dextrose,sugar,spices,mustard,garlic powder,sodium erythobate.
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