Smoked Polish Kielbasa Seasoning

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Whether tailgating or backyard grilling, smoked polish kielbassa is a party food that’s hard to beat.  Our traditional blend of smoked Polish kielbassa seasonings produces a garlic flavored kielbassa that pairs perfectly with potato salad, cole slaw or just about any picnic fare.  An 11 oz package of seasoning mixed with cure, and 25 lbs of meat makes more than enough delectable smoked Polish Kielbassa.  Your friends and family will want to know your secret to this delicious juicy sausage.  Go ahead and tell them is the online store to make your next tail gate a success.   Don’t forget the rolls!


Coarse grind meat through a 1/2 " plate,transfer to mixer and add seasoning and cure and 3 lb. of water. Mix for 3 minutes.For 25 lb of meat. Regind through a 1/8" plate,stuff into 36-38mm casings and hold overnight in cooler. Process through smokehouse to an internal temperature of 152-155 degrees. Chill to 40 degrees and package.


Salt,dextrose,spices,monosodium glutamate,garlic powder,sodium erthorbate
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