Root Beer Extract

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Make your own Root Beer Soda!


3 Fluid Ounces - Root Beer Extract
5 Gallons - Water
5 Pounds - Cane Sugar
1/2 Package (5 grams) - Ale Yeast 
Add 2 gallons of water to your brew kettle and begin heating it. Gradually stir in sugar and bring solution to 160 °F (71 °C), add root beer extract and hold for 15 minutes. (This will sanitize the solution.) Cool the solution by placing your kettle in a sink full of cold water. (Don't risk staining and flavoring your copper for this.) Let cooled solution sit for 5 minutes to let any particles settle out. Siphon to keg and add remaining water to make 5 gallons. Or, add water in your brew kettle to make 5 gallons and stir in yeast. Poor directly to plastic or glass bottles. Cool keg and force carbonate or let bottles condition at room temperature (away from direct light) until carbonated. Typically takes 1-4 days. To make only one gallon, divide all ingredients by five.


Natural Root Beer Extractives, Vanilla Extract, Glycerin, Caramel Color, and Water.

All flavor ingredients are approved for use in a regulation of the FDA or are listed as being generally recognized as
safe on the Flavor and Extract Manufacturer’s Association list.

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