No Nitrite Cure (Bulk, 16 oz)

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Our no nitrite cure is a key ingredient for health conscious meat curing.  Nothing smells as good as the aroma of crispy bacon frying that you’ve cured yourself.  You’ve devoted the time and energy to get your seasonings and ingredients just right to craft your own delicious bacon, pancetta, or other cured meat.  Now take it to the next level and use our no nitrite cure to make your creation nitrite free.  This all natural blendis a healthy alternative to sodium nitrite.  


Dry Rub
  • 1 lb Meat = 0.96 oz (27 g) No Nitrite Cure
  • 5 lb Meat = 4.8 oz (136 g) No Nitrite Cure
  • 10 lb Meat = 9.60 oz (272 g) No Nitrite Cure
  • 25 lb Meat = 1.50 lb (680 g) No Nitrite Cure
  • 50 lb Meat = 3.00 lb (1360 g) No Nitrite Cure
  • 100 lb Meat = 6.00 lb (2720 g) No Nitrite Cure
Water Tumbling
  • 100 lb Meat = 2.4 lb (1088 g) No Nitrite Cure + 9 lbs of water


Salt, brown sugar, spice extractives.
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