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MSG Free


MSG is created through bacterial fermentation, chemical synthesis, or acid hydrolysis and is the sodium salt of the non-essential amino acid Glutamic acid. Commonly added to various products such as snack foods, frozen entrees, canned soups, vegetables, and processed meats, MSG is used to boost and help extract the natural taste in foods in order to produce a well-rounded flavor. There has been much debate as to the safety and both short and long term effects of MSG on humans. Evidence suggests that small percentages of people may suffer allergy like symptoms and short-term reactions when exposed to MSG or foods containing MSG.

Because the safety of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is controversial, we want our customers to have the ability to easily avoid this food additive. We are aware that there are alternative names under which MSGs can be labeled, and we’ve read the fine print on every ingredient we sell. Please shop in this specialty store with confidence that all products are free of MSG.