Mild Pork Sausage Mix

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Savor the rich flavors and succulent aroma of sausage made with premium Mild Pork Sausage Mix. This simple combination of Red Pepper, Sage, Black Pepper, and Salt imparts a wonderfully complex taste especially when paired with ground pork and turkey. One bite will have your guests rushing to their computers to blog about the experience. The 8oz package can make 25lbs of sausage so you’ll never have to worry about unexpected guests again. The next time you make sausage, choose a clear winner. Choose Mild Pork Sausage Mix today.


Grind meats through 3/4" plate. Add mix to meat. Regrind through 5/32" plate. Bulk or stuff into casings. Do not add salt.


Blended of Salt, Red Pepper, Sage, Sugar and Black Pepper.
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