Mild Italian Sausage for Fresh Sausage

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The aroma of warm Italian sausage frying in a pan brings you back to mama’s kitchen.  Mild Italian sausage is a tasty comfort food that can be added to umpteen varieties of pasta and garden fresh veggies or simply crumbled as a yummy pizza topping for a satisfying mid week meal.  Making your own delicious sausage with our aromatic blend will have your family and friends saying that’s amore!  This all natural mix of salt, fennel, and black pepper comes in an 8oz bag which is enough to properly season 25 lbs of meat.  Our mild Italian sausage seasoning can’t be beat.


Coarse grind meat through a 1/2 in plate,tranfer to mixer,add seasoning and mix for 2 minutes. Regrind through a 3/16 in. plate and package in bulk or stuff into casings.


Salt,fennel and black pepper
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