Licorice Root Cut & Sifted

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Snag your bulk bag and start reaping the all-natural healing properties of licorice root. You’ll give your body an herbal immunity boost, perfect for treating illnesses. As a bacteria warrior, it gives your body the strength to drop kick bacteria growth during menopause and stands guard against viruses, such as the flu. You’ll even feel the bliss of a little bit of licorice root stress relief. The pure, cut and sifted root is long known for its ability to bring relief to a stomach spinning in circles, too. Your natural root will cure ulcers, swallow that indigestion, calm your chaotic stomach, or serve as the gentle laxative you need to untie your stomach in knots. Grab a magazine, enjoy the healthy benefits of licorice root, and share the good health with a friend – give them the gift of a fuss free stomach!


Use in food instead of sugar, or make a soothing tea with a tea infuser.


Licorice Root.
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