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Lecithin is key when preparing raw foods. It is used as a thickener and can be used instead of eggs. Use lecithin when making gravy or soup. If you are preparing a pudding or cream pie, lecithin is a must for a rich, creamy flavor. Since Great American’s lecithin is extracted from soybeans, it is not only vegetarian, but can be used in vegan cooking as well. Be sure to try making some orange vegan cookies! (No one will know they are vegan.) You can use lecithin as an emulsifier in cooking confectionary-style. Any oil and water mixture can benefit from lecithin.

 Try lecithin in your bread machine for some extra healthful rye, oatmeal, or spelt breads today!


Combined with vegetable oils it can be used instead of high-calorie oils for greasing pans and sauteing food.


Soy Lecithin E322.

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