Jalapeno Dip

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Jalapeños and dip! That’s right, jalapeños and dip…. We’re bringing the “it” factor to your fridge.   In our kitchen, we’re all about cooking up things that will blow your mind – and we’re taking names, too. This time, though, we’ve outdone ourselves. This zesty dip packs a punch for those that like it a little on the side of La Cookaracha. Pair this mix with sour cream and enjoy it on just about anything. Crack open a bag of ripple potato chips and dip. Or cross-the-border of deliciousness when you top your nachos with a cool, yet spicy dash of flavor. Melt a thick, oozy-rich blend of cheeses in between two tortillas for a quesadilla that can be dipped in your bold jalapeño dip. Layer a touch of jalapeño in your next 7-layer chip dip and mix up the ordinary. Shake up your bland burger when you give it a cool, rich peppery kick. Enjoy a veggie tray with a side of jalapeño dip or try mixing this dip with cream cheese and serving it with butter crackers. Really… if you can about dream it, our spices make it possible. Jalapeños and dip – it just doesn’t get much better. For more bold dips, try our Bacon and Horseradish Dip or French Onion Dip.


Add 16 oz sour cream to 1.5 tablespoons of mix (0.6 oz), more or less to taste.


Salt, Red Peppers, Jalapeño, Hydrolyzed Soy & Corn Protein, Tapioca Starch-Modified, Sugar, Onion, MSG, Garlic, Parsley, Spice Extractives. Less than 2% Calcium Stearate Added to Prevent Caking. Contains Soy.
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