Hyssop Herb Cut Sifted

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Hyssop Herb is a very useful ingredient. When you want to use a minty flavoring in your next recipe, sprinkle some Hyssop onto it. Make your very own Chartreuse liqueur with this herb; Hyssop is a main ingredient in making this recipe. Add this herb to Pappy’s Green Tea Concentrate or Pappy’s Old Fashioned Sassafras Tea Concentrate to create a hint of mint in your next tea brew. Be sure to use this ingredient in moderation, though, for it is very strong. The medicinal advantages of Hyssop Herb are that it has a strong aroma, which can be used to make any room smell of fresh mint, and that it has cough suppressant properties.


The leaves can be added to salads or to rabbit or lamb stew. Traditionally Hyssop is added to cranberries, stewed peaches, and apricots. An infusion of Hyssop makes a good cough remedy and hot Hyssop tea is good for catarrh and colds on the chest.


Hyssop Herb.
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