Hot Italian Sausage Mix

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When you add Hot Italian Sausage Mix to your sausage recipes, you’ll be able to produce delicious spicy sausage that you can cook and add to pastas and homemade pizzas.  When you prepare your sausage meat, after you add the Hot Italian Sausage Mix, make sure to add a meat binder as well as a cure mix.  Try Better Meat Binder and Double Strength Cure Mix. A good option for the sausage casing isMahogany Colored Casing, to give your sausage a darker covering.  Don’t forget the Butcher Twine when you go to hang and smoke your sausage!


Put meat through grinder twice. Combine 1/2 cup vegetable oil & seasonings to meat, mix well. Let sit overnight in refrigerator. Stuff or bulk meat.


Salt, Spices, and Paprika.
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