Fresh Sausage Casing 21mm, 5 pack

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Taste the difference freshness makes. 21mm fresh sausage casings need to be refrigerated so be sure to make a big batch right away! These casings are thin, tender, and will add a pleasing snap to your breakfast sausages this weekend. 21mm casings are 50 feet long and can hold up to 12 pounds of meat making them essential for every successful sausage making project. Make your next breakfast buffet an event with sausage links made with 21mm fresh sausage casings. Your guests will demand the recipe to add to their cook books, so be prepared!


Start with 25lbs. of lean pork, or you can use 5lbs. of pork with 20lbs. of deer. Grind the meat once through a 3/16ths plate for bulk, or grind the meat once through a 1/8th plate and stuff into 21mm collagen sausage casings for small links.


Made from the hide of cattle.One sausage holds 10-12 lbs. of sausage.
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