French Onion Dip



Searching for a quick and easy fix for tonight’s meal? We’ve got it! Our French Onion Dip is the most classic and soon-to-be-coveted addition to your dinner table, and it’s versatile, too! In the swish of a spatula, you can combine the cool, tangy flavors of sour cream and onion for a treat that is out of this world. It’s no secret that our French Onion Dip transforms the ordinary veggie tray into a rainbow of happiness, and I’m sure you can about guess this dip excites any chip bite… but I’m sure you haven’t considered the immensity of glory in your mouth when you bite into the largest, unlock your jaw, deliciousness that comes in a loaf of baguettes. Slice it in half, pile it high with shredded Italian Beef bursting with Italian seasoning, black pepper, cayenne pepperpaprikared chili flakescloves, and bay leaves. Dip it in salty, au jus and top it with spicy giardiniera peppers. Cool off the heat a touch when you dip your soggy loaf of luxury in a bowl of French Onion Dip. Serve it with iceberg dill pickles and rippled chips. Your family will beg you for more night after night. The possibilities are endless so mix up this lovely dip with a variety of meals and watch how quickly you get your little ones to gobble up their veggies!


Use 1/8 of a cup mix to 16 oz. sour cream. More or less to taste.


Dried Onion, Maltodextrin, Instant Beef Style Broth (salt, autolyzed yeast, dextrose, monosodium glutamate, potato flour, lactose (milk), caramel powder, pure vegetable oil (sunflower seed oil), celery, onion powder, garlic powder, corn starch, and herbs), Corn Starch, Non-GMO Soy Sauce Powder (fermented soy sauce [contains soybean and wheat], maltodextrin, salt), Cane Sugar, Wine Powder (maltodextrin, and sauterne wine solids (prepared with sulfur dioxide)), Sea Salt, Dried Roasted Garlic, Butter Powder (butter (cream, salt), dry buttermilk), Buttermilk Solids (whey solids, buttermilk powder, nonfat dry milk), Black Pepper, Ginger, Natural Lemon Juice Flavor, Natural Butter Flavor, Natural Colors, Canola Oil. Contains Milk, Soy, Wheat.
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