Flat Casings 6.5X37 Pack of 5 (1 lbs)

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When you’re looking to try something different with your sausage and bratwurst, try Flat Collagen Casings.  After soaked in water and salt for one minute, Flat Collagen Casings are perfect for meat patties and bolognas as well as sausage and bratwurst.  You’ll need a variety of supplies when making sausage and bratwurst.  These supplies can include everything from seasonings to Butcher Twine to Better Meat Binderto Double Strength Cure Mix.  When you choose your sausage and bratwurst seasonings, make sure to select a decent variety.  For example, you’ll want to try something spicy, something with a barbecue flavor, and something that seems fresh from the garden or fresh from the country.  That way you and your friends and family can choose which flavors you like the best.


Casings are soaked in lukewarm water with 1 teaspoon of salt before use.


Fibrous Casings, they are cellulose impregnated paper.One casing will hold 12-15 lbs. of meat.
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