Fennel Sweet Seed Apothecary Oil (Stove, 1 fl oz)

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Try some Fennel Seed Apothecary Oil today – your health will thank you! For centuries, Fennel Seed has been touted for its health benefits. It is a popular ingredient in many dishes served in the Mediterranean region. Add a few drops of our Fennel Seed Apothecary Oil to breads, cakes, and biscuits. It reportedly eases tension, aids digestion, promotes less inflammation in the body, and can even ease cramps. With all these benefits, who couldn't use a little fennel seed oil?


Considered a tonic, eases tension and stress, reportedly brings strength and courage. Physical: Is a warming aromatic digestive, powerful carminative, local anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and lactation stimulant. Fennel is therefore indicated for digestive debility, anorexia, belching, hiccupping or reflux, persistent epigastric pain relieved by warmth or pressure, intestinal cramps, colic, and flatulence (especially in children or infants).This product is not water soluble.


Extracted From Fennel Seed (Steam Distiliation)
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