Double Active Baking Powder Aluminum Free

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Have you ever read a recipe that called for aluminum free, Double Active Baking Powder and wondered what exactly it was or how it was different than baking soda? Baking powder partially contains baking soda and is used to increase the volume and boost the texture of baked goods.  Baking powder is comprised of a mix of a weak alkali and a weak acid. The acid can be a fast- or slow-acting one, and if the baking powder has both types, then it’s called double acting, or double active. There are then two phases to working the baking powder. The first is when the mix is cold. The second is when it’s hot.

Perhaps most importantly, Double Active Baking Powder increases the chance of a reliable, positive outcome for baked goods because the time elapsed between mixing and baking is far less critical. And with it aluminum free, you’ll bake easy knowing that your Gluten-Free Cornbread isn’t going to taste metallic in the slightest.


Sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate.
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