Country Style Sausage Mix With Sage

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 No matter what time of day it is, make a sausage with flavors that remind you of visits to farms and the country.  Cook up Country Style Sausage Mix with Sage in pork or beef to make delicious sausage to use in a variety of recipes.  You could then use the sausage in sausage gravy, or add it to gravy made with Old Time Peppered Gravy Mix to pour over stews or mashed potatoes.  You could also use Country Style Sausage Mix with Sage to make summer sausage for a delicious snack at any time of the day.  To make summer sausage, use Mahogany Colored Casings to stuff your sausage mix into.  Don’t forget to use a curing salt and a meat binder to complete your sausage.  Try Amish Meadows Bacon Cure Rub to give your summer sausage a different flavor.


Add 8.75 oz. packager of mix to 25 lb. of sausage.Or 3.5 oz. of mix to 10 lb. Mix well, form into patties. If you are processing the sausage you should use Pink cure with mix. 2 teas. for 10 lb.s. of meat. And 1 oz. for 25 lb. of meat.


Salt, Sugar and Spices.
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