Clear Fibrous Casings 1.5" x 15" - 25 per bag (0.25 lbs)

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Emblazoned with the iconic deer head emblem, 1.5 x 15” Clear Fibrous Casings are the clear choice for those who value appearance as much as taste.  You’ll attract the largest crowd at the next neighborhood block party when they smell delicious fresh sausages made with clear casings sizzling on the grill. Delighted family and friends will even be able to see the high quality seasonings added to your masterpiece. All will agree that your efforts look as good as they taste. One package has enough casings for 25 delectable sausages. For summer sausage, salamis, and much more use only the finest 1.5 x15” Clear Fibrous Casings.


Great casings for summer sausage,salami,boneless ham and more. Must be soaked in tap water for 30 minutes before they are used.


Fibrous Casings, they are cellulose impregnated paper. One casing will hold 1-2 lbs. of sausage.
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