Cinnamon Oil



Our Cinnamon Oil will instantly conjure memories of the holiday season, but you can enjoy it all year round!
Use this Cinnamon Oil to flavor cider, hard candies, coffees, cocktails, apples, desserts, and old-fashion toothpicks! 
For a water-soluble cinnamon solution, try our Cinnamon Bark Flavor!


It is employed mainly in the flavoring industry where it is used in meat and fast food seasonings, sauces and pickles, baked goods, confectionery, cola-type drinks, tobacco flavors and in dental and pharmaceutical preparations.
Appropriate for use in chocolates and coatings, but may cause some thickening. Add liquified coconut oil, or cocoa butter to thin/smooth (typical use is ¼ to ½ teaspoon per pound). 
This product is not water soluble. 


Fda Approved Natural & Artificial Flavors.
All of our oils are highly concentrated and are meant to be diluted. Do not apply any of our oils directly to your skin as redness and irritation may occur. If your skin does come in contact, wash off with cool water and a small cloth.

Product Updates

This product was previously named Cinnamon Bark Oil. Cinnamon Bark Oil is now Cinnamon Bark Flavor.  
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