Chiltepin Peppers Whole

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Texas has 2 official peppers, the jalapeno and the chiltepin. The Americans swear that it is exceedingly healthful and very good as an aid to the digestion. In fact, even today, Chiltepins are used--amazingly enough-- as a treatment for acid indigestion!!!! Most experts believe the Chiltepin, also called Tepin, is the original wild chile - the plant from which all others have evolved. It is a tiny round berry slightly larger than a peppercorn. It is very decorative and bright scarlet in color and, despite its high heat level, it is attractive to wild birds, who helped to distribute it across the prehistoric Americas. Other name include Chile Mosquito, Chile de Pajaro, Chile Silvestre or Tecpintle. One ounce of this dried pepper with seeds removed will produce a detectable hotness in 50,000 ounces (over 300 gallons) of salsa! Heat level is 8 on the scale of 10.


Great for Salsa Casera, Chiltepines en Escabeche, or Aguachile.


Chiltepin Peppers.
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