Castor Oil Apothecary (1 fl oz)

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Castor Oil Apothecary is the ancient secret to aching joints.  It's a vegetable oil that's derived from the castor bean and is sometimes used as a mold preventative or a food preservative. As a laxative, castor oil is used to help various digestive ailments, too.  Asian medicine uses it along with other spices and herbs to treat ulcers or induce labor. Adult dosage is 1-4 tablespoons daily as needed.


Taken internally, Castor Oil is used as a treatment for intestinal inflammation. In Asian medicine, Castor Oil is used as a remedy for joint pain, dry stool, indigestion, facial paralysis, boils, and ulcers. Homeopathic practitioners prescribe it for digestive ailments. This product is not water soluble.


Castor Oil
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