Caraway Apothecary Oil (Stove, 1 fl oz)

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Looking for a flavoring for homemade breads and sauces that can aid your well-being too? You've found Caraway Apothecary Oil! Distilled from the dried ripe fruit of Carum carvi, caraway oil benefits those with laryngitis, bronchitis, and coughs. It also aids digestion and can help increase the appetite. You'll enjoy the sweet spicy aroma of Caraway Apothecary Oil mixed in a hot tea.


used to season and flavour a range of products such as sauces, breads, meat and cheese. Also used for: Respiratory: Caraway oil is often used for relief from bronchitis, coughs and laryngitis. Digestive: This oil can be used to increase the appetite and help with dyspepsia, but is most widely know for its ability to help with indigestion and to ease flatulence. Immune system: This oil has traditionally been used as a remedy for colds. This product is not water soluble.


Distilled From The Dried Ripe Fruit of Carum Carvi.
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