Butterscotch Oil

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The uses for butterscotch oil takes you back to winter evenings by the fire or cozy breakfasts at Grandma's. Put a little in your latte.  Make luscious butterscotch-flavored candies, icings, and baked goods with our Butterscotch Oil. It's fat free and sugar free, and a little goes a long way – our 1 oz. bottle will flavor 16 pounds of candy! For a heavenly flavor combination, mix Butterscotch Oil with chocolate-flavored candy.


This highly concentrated flavor can be used to flavor coatings and hard candies. Try some in icings and baked goods, too! Large 1 oz bottle will flavor approximately 16 pounds of your favorite hard candy. This product is water soluble.


Water, Propylene Glycol, Artificial Flavors.

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